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Research & Innovation Projects

Our funded AI projects are at the cutting edge of technological innovation, designed not only to advance scientific knowledge but also to deliver tangible benefits to various industries. By focusing on applied research, we ensure that the breakthroughs achieved in our labs can be seamlessly translated into real-world applications. These projects, supported by prestigious grants and collaborative partnerships, aim to solve critical sector-specific challenges, from optimizing manufacturing processes to enhancing predictive maintenance in logistics. The exploitation of these results empowers industries to adopt state-of-the-art AI technologies, driving efficiency, reducing costs, and fostering sustainable growth.

Featured R&I Projects

Our active involvement in a wide range of funding initiatives, including European, German, and Erasmus+ projects, underscores our commitment to advancing AI across multiple dimensions. These projects target diverse aspects, from cutting-edge research and innovative research marketing to robust networking opportunities and comprehensive education and training programs. By participating in these initiatives, we contribute significantly to the ethos of open science, ensuring that our findings and developments are accessible and beneficial to the broader scientific community. Through collaboration with leading institutions and organizations, we aim to foster a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous improvement, driving the AI field forward and enhancing its impact on society.



German Funded Projects

Erasmus+ Funded Projects

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