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Project Summary

Funding Agency BMBF
Start Date August 01, 2022
End Date July 31, 2025
Status Running
Project Website t.b.d.
Project Budget 1,400,000 EUR


You are not disabled, you become disabled. This phrase from the disability movement refers to the fact that we need barrier-free environments in everyday life that promote health and quality of life and enable social and economic participation. This also includes the provision of food as one of the foundations of human existence. Thus, as a consumer, the person must be able to obtain information about goods in a self-determined manner and procure them independently. However, due to the text- and image-oriented design, visually impaired people have only difficult access to both the physical goods and the information offers. ARGUS demonstrates how innovative human-technology interaction (HTI) based on speech-based interaction can help visually impaired people to overcome barriers, experience shopping positively, and to shape their lives in a self-determined way, thus maintaining health and improving quality of life.

Innovation & Advantages


Speech-based interaction

Argus uses speech-based interaction technology, which allows visually impaired individuals to access information and purchase goods through voice commands, eliminating the need for visual aids.

Improved accessibility

Argus eliminates barriers to information and goods for visually impaired individuals, improving accessibility and independence.

Enhanced shopping experience

Argus will make shopping more convenient and enjoyable for visually impaired individuals, enhancing their overall shopping experience.

Increased social and economic participation

Argus can increase the social and economic participation of visually impaired individuals by making shopping more accessible, allowing them to participate more fully in society and the economy.

Improved quality of life

By providing visually impaired individuals with an accessible and convenient way to access information and purchase goods, Argus can improve their quality of life and promote health and well-being.

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