GraDANA Project (2016-2019)

The project objective is to elevate Data Analytics (DA) in HE studies in Iran and to reduce HE-enterprise gap in this regard. The ultimate goal is to improve entrepreneurship competences of Iranian graduates in order to meet emerging requirements of local and global market in DA domain.

GraDAna provides collaboration potential between EU and Iran first class HEIs and private sectors. GraDAna will 1) improve the entrepreneurship and employability of graduates by elevating their DA skills, 2) enhance competences of Iranian HEIs by involving them, together with EU partners, in staff mobility and market-oriented co-creation of DA modules and 3) boost EU-Iran cooperation in HE, IT and private sector.

The full acronym of GraDana is the following:”Improving Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competences of Iranian Higher Education Graduates through Data Analytics”. GraDAna focuses on elevating needed DA skills of Iranian graduates according to the latest international trends with the aim of increasing their competitiveness in national and international job markets. To this aim, first by considering the state-of-the-art in DA, specifically towards technologies related to the storage, management, analysis and decision making, the gap between HE trainings and the job market requirements will be identified.