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Regus Business Center,
Bornheimerstr. 127,
D-53119 Bonn, DE

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E: info [AT]
T: +49 228 30401073
F: +49 228 28616558

Office Hours:

09.00 - 16.00

We have grown from the University and have very close and intensive collaborations with academia and well-known Universities in Germany and across Europe. We have supervised various master and Ph.D. theses as well as internships including student projects.  By doing a collaborative thesis with us, you will have an opportunity to get involved in our first-class projects as well as data science and machine learning training programs of the Internation Data Science Academy. If you still have not defined your thesis topic, we have a wide variety of novel topics available through our research projects as well as product lines.

If you are a master or Ph.D. student and would like to write your thesis with us, you are more than welcome to experience the industrial world through an internship program of Petanux. For further details and communication, please email us at internships [AT] petanux [DOT] com.